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Scale-up Champions programme has given us a good understanding of a potential target market. Our contact through the programme has done a lot of thorough market research and presents it to us weekly. We are also discussing potential partnership opportunities with local companies!

Janno Paas

Janno Paas

Co-founder and CTO of 10Lines

During the project, we raised a pre-seed investment of 200k €. At the moment we have 3 pilots going on in Norway. Through strategic investors, it is easier to reach new clients as they are well connected within the industry.

Timmu Tollimägi

Timmu Tollimägi

CEO of Unsinkable Robotics

We applied to participate in “Scale-up Champions” Market Discovery Tour in Denmark and the DTU Ignite Startup Pitch competition in Copenhagen. It worked - we were selected and took the pitching stage. Now we are taking one step at a time and developing connections that hopefully will bring us local links and credentials.

Mar Masulli

Mar Masulli

Co-founder of Bitmetrics

Thanks to the experienced mentors from "Scale-up Champions Investment Readiness Programme", we gained knowledge and practical skills to develop scientific ideas, build a startup that attracts investments. We hope that our developed, tested and validated medical device - disposable syringe gel filler - will reach the Lithuanian market by 2023.

Dr. Nijolė Savickienė

Dr. Nijolė Savickienė

A scientist and the solution's developer of the medical startup "RamaZottius Lab"

The program encouraged us to review our business plan and market entry strategy and widened our understanding of small markets and their entry strategies. We were lucky to meet amazing mentors at the “Scale-up Champions” project who helped us to prepare needed materials for startup profile, review business plan and to do return on investment, revenue, manufacturing expenses calculations.

Dr. Neringa Šeperienė

Dr. Neringa Šeperienė

Co-founder of BrachyDOSE, a MedTech startup from the Baltics

It was a great experience! As I develop a medical device for psoriasis treatment, new materials interest me. During the Tour, I met 3D printing startups that are taking the niche of flexible and bio sustainable printing services. Their solutions would be great for the design of my devices. Also, I got funding contacts - one VC fund from Brazil was very excited about our innovation and I am looking further for future communication with them.

 Aurimas Mazūras

Aurimas Mazūras


"A great match! In my opinion, it is the success of a great mentoring experience. Also, the mentee has to be coachable and eager to receive feedback. I help agrotech startups to fast-forward B2B sales. It is a very structured process - you have to prepare for it and have an actual plan. The plan is a great tool to achieve your goals."

Justinas Taruška

Justinas Taruška

CEO of Nando Europe, MENTOR

"Mentorship provides the experience from the deep-tech field. Usually, I've been where the entrepreneur is now or is going to be in the future, so I can warn them about pitfalls, traps, and problems they will encounter. Basically, I play the role of the "future self" of the entrepreneur."

Miguel Ángel L. Trujillo

Miguel Ángel L. Trujillo

Partner of BA International Partners, MENTOR

The Community


Call for startups
Challenge Identify common challenges and list problems associated with them (individual and/or in working groups)
Jan 2021
Feb 2021
Mar 2021
Startup discovery.
Promoters will identify and select International startups with high potential.
Corporates may contribute to the final selection.
Apr 2021
Virtual Knowledge Summit
We will contact participated companies with best startups and talent in a workshop
May 2021
We organize b2b meetings with the startups you select for a deeper understanding and mutual knowledge
Jun 2021
Collaboration Road Map
We will accompany you in all the collaboration process with the support of top experts
Jul 2021
Aug 2021
Sep 2021
Oct 2021
Nov 2021
Dec 2021
Jan 2022
Feb 2022
Mar 2022
Apr 2022
May 2022
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey /
Final documentation submission Round 1
BOOKING Call for startups Round 2
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey
TAKE OFF Demo day, matchmaking, Investor meetup Round 1
CHECK IN Receiving results
Mentor-start-up match making Round 2
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey Round 1BOARDING Kick off
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey (3-6 months) Round 2
FLIGHT MODE Final documentation submission Round 1FLIGHT MODE Customized journey Round 2
TAKE OFF Demo day, matchmaking, Investor meetup Round 1FLIGHT MODE Customized journey /
Final documentation submission
TAKE OFF Demo day, matchmaking, Investor meetup Round 2
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey Round 2BOOKING Call for startups Round 32nd call for Startups
CHECK IN Receiving results
Mentor-start-up match making Round 3
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey /
Final documentation submission Round 2
BOOKING Call for startups
FLIGHT MODE Customized journey (3-6 months) Round 3
Assigning key mentors, on-line workshop (no. 1), mentor meetings
CHECK-IN Round 3
On-line workshops (no. 2, 3, 4), mentor meetings
CHECK-IN Round 3
FLIGHT Round 3
TAKE OFF Round 3
FLIGHT Round 3
TAKE OFF Round 3
FLIGHT Round 3
TAKE OFF Round 3
Market Discovery Tours

Who Is Involved

Mentors and Experts

Noelia Hernández Sánchez

Business consultant

Consolidating business opportunities, providing investment assistance, promoting organic growth

Oscar Aabech Jung

Business consultant

Extensive experience from launching e-commerce businesses and managing tech teams

Arne Grove

Consul, senior adviser and business mentor

Environment, energy, business development, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and international cooperation

Liva Echwald

Entrepreneur, business consultant, startup mentor

Makes startups investor and market ready. Expertise in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, digitalization, sustainability, and leadership.

Djouhara Westberg

Senior Investment Manager

Cleantech and sustainability, business development, market expansion

Balázs Slezák

Engineer, serial entrepreneur, startup mentor

Product development, crafting a winning value proposition, software and hardware development, emerging technologies, startup operations (e.g. legal, financials), fundraising-related challenges

Paulina Ślisz-Sandecka

Legal adviser

Handling of the investment process both on the public and private capital market; providing legal advice to start-ups and VC investors

Ivo Remmelg

Entrepreneur, venture finance consultant

Experienced serial entrepreneur, angel investor

Joo Runge

Finance lawyer, board member of Women in Tech

Working with funding and debt finance to startups and funds

Maja Žikić

Growth and innovation specialist

Interests in deep tech verticals, open innovation, and product-led growth

Hasan Surtiwala

Entrepreneur, investor and venture finance consultant

Advising startups, scale-ups and investors on investing and fundraising

Frederik Vind

Independent venture developer and startup investor

Area of expertise is people, culture & organization, funding, growth & impact

Ola Ekman

Serial Entrepreneur

Focusing on Growth Management, Resource Limited Growth, Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship, Financing, Internationalisation, Innovation and other areas

Jakob Mikkel Hansen

Venture catalyst and business consultant

Build tech growth companies

Jędrzej Kozioł

Legal adviser

Legal advice and services to companies, contract law and widely-understood new technologies law

Inga Uus

Business and marketing strategist, consultant

Experience in strategic business management, strategic marketing, startup growth strategy, creativity and innovation development

Lasse Chor

Entrepreneur and strategist

Mentoring startups and advisor to a handful of large corporations

Lennaert Jonkers

Business strategist

Providing strategic advice on developing the necessary innovation commercialization capabilities

Justinas Taruška

Entrepreneur and Business consultant

Areas of expertise: startup development, B2B sales, business growth, export, sales in LinkedIn.

Michael Østerlund Madsen

Business strategist and investor

Nurturing global teams up to 6K-strong in Training & Coaching, Immaterial SaaS/AI (Marketing & Advertising), B2C (Retail), B2B, FMCG (Manufacturing), Chemical Formulation & Distribution, Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain and Financial Services (Aircraft Leasing) industries

Peter Graeser

Business coach and mentor

Consulting various enterprises on the development of innovative business models and corresponding leadership cultures

Evaldas Kalvaitis, PhD

Business and R&D consultant

Professional knowledge and international experience in R&D and D&D in MedTech, military technologies, robotic and sensor solutions

Mogens Storgaard Jakobsen

Business consultant

Business growth and venture investments

Piotr Intres

Entrepreneur and mentor

Business growth, funding, technology development

Paulo Revilla

Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Business plans, acceleration processes, and access to financing and technological development

Martin Klee

Entrepreneur and Business angel

Expertise in Growth hacking, Business development, Product development, Funding, Pitching and Scaling

Anders Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

Creating trust in the numbers to support business leaders in making the right decisions

Dawid Kruszyński

Financial director

Experience in fundraising, financial performance and forecasts

Simona Šimulytė

Serial entrepreneur, training expert, business consultant

Expertise in business development, growth and entering new markets

Valdemaras Pipiras

Entrepreneur, startup mentor

Experience in business development, interactive TV solutions for telco business

Edvardas Satkauskas

Entrepreneur, MedTech consultant

More than 10 years of experience in business development, management and fundraising in MedTech industry

Miguel Ángel López Trujillo

Business and Fundraising Coach

Senior Professional in Business Development, Sales, Management, Entrepreneurship and VC Finance



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